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Dynamic sessions are interactive healing techniques directed by me that heal you as a whole. All aspected of your health are addressed: Physical, Psychological, Emotional & Spiritual.

The emphasis is through healing; we free energy blockages that are held in one area or many of the physical and mind because energy overlaps all systems; including spiritual.

Sessions are to heal you as need. After your healing, my approach is to teach you to maintain self-healing habits on a continuum minimise grand healing needs.

In this overall, you become healthier, happier and need me as a cleanser and top up, rather than relying on me entirely.

Self-directed healing is best as you know yourself best •
Choose to include one or any module(s) •
Include techniques of Stillness, Mindfulness, Meditation •
Include any of the 8 Limbs of Yoga •

• We go in the direction of your choice.
• Direct and In-Direct Healing is practised
• All sessions include both physical and mental sequences
• Self-directed healing in between sessions is expected

Grant Yourself Permission

Public Speaker

Come across as sincere, confident and intelligent. Learn to present yourself and your personality while getting your message across. Deliver to your audience proficiently, learn timing techniques, enhance your physical presence with great posture and breath control. Be someone that your audience remembers, and have them know your message. Remove ums, ah and learn to pause correctly with mindfulness and proper focusing.

Leaders & Supporters

For leaders and supporters, your choice of words and how you say them is more important than your message. Inspiring people to understand tasks given, the overview of your goals and importantly know who you are leading.

As a support worker, your biggest challenge is listening to hear what is needed, anticipate needs and get the job done correctly.

In each role confidence, quick and critical thinking need development. Your physical presentation is important as well as your choice of words.

Entrepreneurs & Management

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Groups & Teams

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The Practice of Being Yourself


I have found that it is easiest to evaluate how you’re physically feeling first. Where is your pain, lack of mobility to how are you overall and what would you like to change? Then we move to establish your mental health if you have blockages or lack of energy to think.

Afterwards, I have you through meditation techniques ground yourself. Here you move through a full self-evaluation of how you are, where are you, and where do you want to be as a whole.


There is a system of self-evaluation I teach you to practice to help you keep abreast of what is going on for you, to maintain general good health. The rollercoaster of life pulls us here and there, out of sorts and onwards. Daily practice will minimise the impact to keep your energy flow free.

Practicing simple techniques in your daily routines becomes a check-in habit. Your developing self-healing is part of my process to have you living healthy.


Allowing your self-care to acclimate is most important. Healing sometimes can be felt and recognised in a moment, even while the healing is happening, other times it may take a week or longer.

You learn to be aware when things are going askew, when on course – in this you direct your energy to life as you want. By taking the time to acclimate your power, you take control of your whole health you’ll have more good days, and when you need help.


You become engaged rather than just present in moments to moments. Your awareness increases to what triggers emotions that heal, the ones that don’t; to physical stressors and de-stressors, how to keep mentally healthy and to look after yourself from the inside out.

The ebb and flow of your energy dictate your health, how you live and what choices you make. Your life becomes about what you make it; you become in control of all aspects of your life; of your health.