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Voice Coach and Voice Technician


At 18 I began voice lessons and became fascinated with the human sound, the how’s and why’s of voice production studying the voice ever since.  My performances began in Opera, and Art Songs in Vancouver, Canada.

During the completion of a degree in Contemporary Music Composition and Voice at Simon Fraser University, I expanded my love of the voice further.  I wrote compositions for choirs and soloists.

I became a Communications expert in the late 90’s with ITC, International Training in Communications.  Expanding the skills of public speaking further, I began my career as a communications coach to include voice production for business executives, customer service agents and for public speakers, ever since.

In the early 2000’s I became a Registered Yoga Therapy Practitioner, expanded studies of Buddhist and Christian chants, electronic and acoustic tonalities of World music, sound healing and became a meditation master.

Travelled to Southern India to study advanced yoga therapy and learnt Carnatic Vocal Music.  It was just exciting times.

Throughout my 30 years as a Voice Coach, I have established a career as a Vocal Technician specialising in voice production: tone, timbre, breath control, proper instrument function (anatomy & kinesiology), range, memory, interpretation and mindset.  I enjoy training all ages, genders including transgender to sing in any genres.

I continue to research and teach from a holistic perspective fusing the mind and body as an instrument that produces great results for singers, communicators, vocalists and in use for voice therapy.

I believe the foundations of personal and business communicating, and dialogue are only separated by the environment, not by the skill.  Good techniques of voice should always be promoted in training.

My beginning in public speaking was as a speech evaluator in The International Training in Communications.  A world organisation similar to Toast Masters.  I learnt who my audience is and how to deliver a decent speech.

In the five years, I was a member; I learnt much.  What I realised was Toast Master, ITC and other communications organisation have a narrow definition of communication training.  Nothing to address vocal quality, personal speaking, or comprehension in listening, two ways of communications and the like.  Only one aspect of public speaking: create a speech, presentation, or workshop and deliver it knowing your audience.

Communicating is complex, you are the listener who interprets what is said and then communicates back a response.  What if you hear it wrong, or the words have a different meaning for you than intended.  This simple scenario is only effective if acted upon in good faith you are listening. That you have the same background, same ideas and more.  Then add in speaking styles of interrupters, speaking over top of you, the rude, ignorant, barkers of commands or information and the like.  Even the subtleties of people who speak in code or metaphors, maybe you don’t understand them?  The message is missed.

To be a skilled communicator, I work from an intent that we are both the listener and speaker; hearing, listening, movement, interpretation of the body and an understanding of the boundaries.  If a person wants to be understood correctly, they need to hear and interpret correctly; or ask questions, gain clarifications.

Another aspect of great communicators is their diction, tone, quality of voice, projection, body language, their movement and intent.

I teach all aspects of communicating; relations building, leadership, listening, comprehension, running a meeting, being present in a meeting, avoiding interruptions, business and international relationships, style and more.

The sound of the human voice can be soothing, alluring, jarring, or commanding amongst an array of various, subtle qualities and intent of the message.

Soon after I began teaching singing, I realised I had an ear for vocal subtleties, accents, challenges and emotional blocks.  Blessed with compassion, I took the time needed to hear what the person is saying or trying to say with the choice of words, inflexions, emotions and context.  I am blessed to have an ear that distinguishes and clarifies these sound and intent, but importantly I have the solutions and know what each person needs.  Everyone is different, and so their solutions need to be.  I help hundreds of people get their message across, to be heard.

I work on many levels to help people speak better, with more focus and clarity as well as the actual mechanic of speaking.

For singers, I help each form the sound they desire, improve their range and quality by instinctively knowing what techniques they need.

With a vocalist or speaker, the methods are similar just the context or intent is different.  I draw out my client’s talents.

I use pedagogic models to involve clients in the process of incorporated meditation, varying breathing techniques and yoga therapy into Singing and Public Speaking / Personal Communications for spectacular results.

I laugh when told but we don’t have a piano, or what you want to hear my speech outside in the park.

I can teach singing anywhere, with a piano, without a musical equipment. You have a voice you take it wherever you are; I can take my teaching wherever I go too. Your sessions are full humour.  I try to put students at ease while using uncommon methods, traditional and none traditional techniques.

My teaching is unique for singers; don’t need to learn scales or routine exercises to be great. I do use music scales, and exercises when they benefit the singer or choir.  Otherwise, there are a plethora of ways to achieve what my student needs.

I approach each student with the approach that works best for them.  No one size fits all.

Songs and exercises are a great way to learn to sing, but not the only way – there are many other techniques and ways to create a Confident Voice.

Communicators come in all sizes, shapes and reasons for wanting to improve.  Anxiety plays havoc with people in public and private lives.  My approach is to use humour and techniques of yoga meditation and calm to turn a fearful person into a great speaker.

Many sessions will include yogasanas and breathe techniques to help strengthen the body and mind, to make speaking physically and mentally easy.

I teach what you need at the moment of our lessons.

I do not distinguish between private and public, professional and amateur in a general sense – most people do their best, some practice more, other choose their families or other careers – some get paid while other do not – this doesn’t mean the unpaid are less achieved than the professionals.

  • Many times it’s having the gumption to go public that makes the difference in your abilities.
  • Often the fabulous may not try as much as the novice who is training because they are more determined.
  • Sometimes the talented do less because it comes easy, and they achieve greatness.


I am blessed to have the intuitive skills to know what each student needs to learn, to unlearn, to practice, and sing for each to soar.  I share my experience and expertise openly to the benefit of each student.

Through a holistic approach to voice production, techniques, methods, physical movement and structure, and a mindful approach to voice production, performance and presentation I move students forwards.

The ability to teach is a gift I take seriously.  I incorporate visual, aural, tactile, memory and experiential skillsets in all lessons.  Taking the time to observe, listen and asking questions is important to the singer’s growth.  I recognise strengths first, what is in need of improvement secondly.

Each student is an individual with a story, a history and a bright future.  In each lesson, I aim to bring out the talent, their best and knowledge.  I use humour to break through layers of a life lived that may cause tension, angst and pain in their singing.

I choose to work with dedicated students who want to see and feel great advances in their lives through understanding their voices, themselves and their relationship to music.