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Mon July 1, 2019 - Sat July 6, 2019 Daily @ 7:00 - 17:00

Welcome to a Singing Six Day journey.

Embark on a journey to realising your singing dreams. For women and men of all ages and abilities. The techniques and training are from a holistic perspective, which includes:

Body – Develop your posture, movement, energy, breath for great vocal quality and care.

Mind – Mentally prepare for great singing with balanced emotions, centred focus, mindfulness, calm, and confidence.

Musicality – Heighten your ears to the incredible sounds of your voice in harmony with instruments and vocals.  Produce fluidity of rhythms, harmonies and theories to aid in your vocal proficiency.

Voice Care – Experience the joys of singing correctly to minimise sore, hoarse or a lost voice for short and long periods of time.

Diversity – Sing your song, in your unique voice without sounding like everyone else.  Blend beautifully in the choir, while maintaining your tonal uniqueness.

Daily Practice – yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  Six-day practice Hatha Yoga class created by Cilica, who in addition to being a voice technician, is a Yoga Therapist, RYTP

Intensive Specifically designed for you to become a diverse and dynamic singer.

  • Gain tangible insights into safe vocal practices and positive approach to singing with practical, physical, technical and mindful tools.
  • Strengthen vocal foundation techniques to expand your vocal talent in singing more challenging songs with confidence.
  • Quickly make positive and audible changes to your singing – fill in the gaps of your knowledge.
  • Increase music competency; pitch, rhythms, musicality, quality and colour of your full range
  • Practice techniques specific to you – applicable for soloists, groups, and choirs
  • Become at ease with your performance, whatever level you are at.
  • Develop a ‘practice routine’ for your individual vocal needs which include styles, genre and interpretation. Especially important for teachers and coaches as you become second to your students.
  • Learn yoga to maintain your body’s health and meditation to focus your mind.
  • By the end of the six days, you will have turned the yoga, meditation and mindfulness class into your own with personal modifications.

Professional Solo Singers – learn safe vocal techniques to keep your instrument and singing easy, and increase longevity for years to come; expand your vocal skills.

Amateur Solo Singers – improve your singing with vocal techniques that apply to all aspects of your singing for less effort, more skilled ease and an improved sound.

University & College Music/Voice Students – enhance your studies with secure and solid notes, improving your performances and grades.

Choir Singers & Small Groups – rise to your group’s potential through the techniques of synchronised breathing and phrasing, with the quality dynamics and harmonising of each voice.  Shine as your group sings as one and supports the soloist with great harmonies.

Band & Back-up Singers –  improve your harmonising, expand breath control, vocal care and new techniques to keep you singing for years.

Voice Coaches and Music Teachers* – learn new techniques, move out of your comfort zone and for a week take care of your voice, often neglected when teaching.

Special Needs

The intensive is open to those with Special Needs – hearing and visually impaired, as well as other challenged.  Please contact Cilica before registering to make sure we can meet your needs.

Benefits to Attending

  • Competency in producing your voice – diction, projection, tone, quality, and maintain a healthy body with proper posture, movement
  • Gain energy, power, softness, increased range and ease in your singing
  • Personalised step by step practices instructions to improve throughout the year
  • All participants receive a participation certificate
  • Accreditation of 48 CPD hours – please complete the on-line exam within two weeks of completing the intensive


  • Free Yoga Mat
  • Priority booking to the following years Intensive
  • 15% discount on 3, 6 and 12-month voice lessons


About You

  • A strong desire to improve your singing
  • You can sing in tune for two minutes +
  • Experience/Practice singing for one year – singing on your own, in a group, choir.

What to bring

  • Prepared three or four songs, vocalises, and/or pieces to perform – all styles welcome.
  • Three copies of the sheet music for each piece/song
  • If not using the piano accompanist, proper file or cd of required music
  • Cup for tea/coffee, water container
  • Wear easy fitting clothing, wear socks or bare feet

What you don’t need . . .

  • to be a professional singer or want to be – novices welcome
  • to read music – it helps but is not essential
  • a degree in music or has sung for years – If you have both awesome
  • previous yoga or meditation experience – the yoga is for all abilities

General Note on Voice Techniques Taught – Voice skills taught in the training are the same for Professional and Amateur Singers & Vocalists.  Techniques used in the intensive are singers’ best practices for the health of the voice.

Singers with or without a degree in music are encouraged to join the intensive. For you who have music or singing degrees, this training may challenge some of your learned techniques as you learn easier and personalised techniques for an improved singing voice.

This intensive is not a one size fits all training, this is not a how to be better than me intensive – this is an intensive to improve you, your voice, your singing.  I acknowledge your individuality as a singer at your development level and honour your courage to improve.

*Voice Coaches, by attending the intensive agree to complete the exam at the end of the intensive.  Inevitably you may pass on what you learn here to your students.  We would like you to have the full understanding of the techniques and skills taught, as you pass them correctly along to your students

Open to only 25 participants

Cost $3,000  /  $3,200  ~  Lunch and Refreshments Offered Daily

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Mon July 1, 2019 - Sat July 6, 2019


7:00 - 17:00