" ignite your true self "


All Sessions are confidential.


Work with Adults & Adolescents amateur and professional. Children may attend accompanied by parent or guadrian.

All aspects of vocal production convey a message to the world of who you are.  You tell people continuously about yourself, without your direct involvement.  In being quiet, listening, body language, how you present yourself (physically, mentally and presentation (clothing, etc.)), what you chose, choice of language, do for a living, etc. all constitute communicating to others about yourself.

Vocal Coaching and Production is merely tuning in to your message. What do you like about your communicating, have a talent for, or want to change, improve, alter, fix, alter or learn?

Whatever it is you want to do, you can do with voice coaching.

The foundations of exceptional vocalising are separated only your skill and intent.

I solve problems!  As a Voice Technician, I solve problems, answer all kinds of questions for you.

When you see yourself as you are: with good, bad and in-between traits, a person who wants to improve, make changes, desires to develop and want to make an effort – you are ready to work with me.  Get the life you want.

Highlight to working with a Voice Technician

a musical ear: rhythm, tones, interpretation, diction •
be confident and excel in public speaking •
improve memory, verbal and cognitive skills •
fluid and clear personal communicating skills •
proper diction, speaking tonality, and inflections •

• increased technical skills singing soloist and in groups
• increase cognitive listening and comprehension skills
• soften or change tones for more masculine or feminine speaking
• remove physical and psychological blocks

What to Expect


In your choice of space, please wear comfortable clothing for natural movement.  Sit in a comfortable chair or stand.  If possible to have space around you to some movement when necessary. Please have a decent computer and connection for the Skype sessions to be without connection challenges (as possible).  A quality microphone, voice recorder are excellent additions to voice sessions but not necessary.  I do record the our time, for my review only.


In Person sessions, you get a hands-on approach to voice learning. I am available when you are in my area.  I am often travelling, so please contact me directly to find out my schedule.  We can work at your home, office or other.  Please be prepared with a private space, room to move around and a microphone, computer and recorder as needed.  I record the sessions for my review only.


Send along a video and/or recording of you performing, speaking, singing, acting etc. when you are ready to begin.  Include questions, what you want to learn.  Time is allotted to when you’ll receive feedback to not to keep you waiting for your feedback.  E-mails are encrypted for privacy, never shared with anyone.

First Session

This session gives you the opportunity to ask questions, tell me about yourself and what you want to achieve. We get to know each other and how best we can work together.

You are asked to do a practice run of your vocal talents.  I listen, and then you tell me what you’d like to learn, accomplish and the intent of using your voice.  I give you feedback, and we go from there.

We can address any anxieties and lack of confidence in your voice, and if you want specific vocal therapy approach.  This is a discovery lesson of how I can meet your vocal needs. A few exercises are part of the teaching.

During Session

Your experiences, past learning and who you are will determine your degree of proficiency.  I try never to assume you will pick up a technique quickly or otherwise.  You may be surprised what you discover about yourself in the process especially when it comes to confidence, performance anxieties and the like.

Occasionally when working on confidences, emotions may have been held for years suddenly release. We acknowledge your feelings until you find peace as they dissipate.  You share only what you like.

During lessons, I adopt a vocal development emphasises of 50% on your physical instrument, 20% on your perspective, personality and desire to achieve; and 30% are practising correct vocal techniques to increase your ability – proficiency.


After each session, I suggest that you take 15 minutes to rest, have a cup of tea or hot lemon water. Allow your mind, body and energy to acclimate. Take notes of what you’ve learnt, questions for next session.

You are welcome to continue practising but give yourself breaks as the vocal chords and your mind, like other muscles need to rests.  Please do not practise more than 2 hours; you will overdo and strain your muscles.

When you practice, results may be immediate or take a couple of days.  You come away with ‘how to practice’ and exercises to practice for the week.  Songs or vocalises for singers.

This instruction will keep you on track, and fully engaged in your personal development. You are welcome to e-mail me between sessions for clarity or questions.

Number of Sessions

I offer a minimum of 4 sessions per month.  You may register for one month’s lessons, or continue as you like.  I only give single lessons to previous or continual clients.

To make a shifts, progress and learn specific techniques a minimum of 4 lessons are necessary.

At the beginning of each lesson, you have time to make any changes to our sessions you’d like regarding your goals, practice or intent.